Friday, 19 September 2014

A Tribe Called Quest "The Low End Theory" (1991)

Where has this album been my whole life? Right under my nose. I've had this Hip Hop classic for years, yet it was only earlier this year i gave it a proper listen. And oh my, what have i been missing out on? A lot. I also found out after getting deep into this record that Tribe played their last live shows last year. I had no idea they were still playing shows. I am sore but lets not dwell on that. Lets talk about this wonderful album.

Tribe are an upbeat, positive Hip Hop group from Queens, New York who broke out the year before with the classic "Can I Kick It". This album represents a fitting evolution in the groups sound that gave birth to one of Hip Hops greatest albums of all time, The Low End Theory has the trio bringing there very best to the table. Q-Tip's production on this album is inspirational, every song has fantastic chemistry between the beats and samples that make for some memorable jazzy, grooving tracks that will get you moving (Sky Pager). Theres many choice edits and breaks to keep the beats feeling fresh throughout, which is an art in itself considering the repetitive nature of Hip Hop beats. 

On the lyrical front Q-Tip & Phife Dawg are at the peak of there game with fantastic street wise & socially conscious story telling songs that have many memorable lines that will get stuck in your mind  (Yo! microphone check, one two what is this?) . Collectively there flow is just right for these beats and you couldn't picture having anyone else on these tracks... Saying that, Busta Rhymes makes an welcome appearance on Scenario, the albums darkest track. All in all the chemistry here is on point as a Tribe at there peak deliver a Hip Hop classic.

Favorite Songs: Butter, The Infamous Date Rape, Everything Is Fair, Sky Pager
Rating: 9/10