Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fever Ray "Fever Ray" (2009)

Its always good to challenge yourself musically, In a search for some music out of my "comfort zone" i actually discovered something perfectly suited for me. This is Swedish singer/song writer Fever Ray's debut and only album, and its a work of art! Having recently discovered she is one half of The Knife i have certainly found something new to listen too, but lets talk about this record first.

This album represents an artistic craft of sound and soul, there is an air of ambiance and minimalism that is built out of detailed constructs of layered instrumentation extending through the rhythm, bass and synth in perfect unison. It produces some beautiful and memorable atmospheres that brings new understanding with each listen. Fever's voice glides over the gentle, absorbing instruments with a raw, charismatic charm that drives home the winning formula this album has.

This album provides many "moments" both lyrically and musically on this album, the lyrics are almost child like at times with Fever often focusing on the simplicity of wants and needs, with no consequence of reality. They make for some relate-able and memorable lines. There's also some great simple synth leads and hooks that jump out of the track and strike with such great timing to really drive home the tracks when they are at there peak. Fantastic songwriting.

Favorite Tracks: When I Grow Up, Triangle Walls, Concrete Walls
Rating: 9/10