Saturday, 20 September 2014

Biz Markie "Goin' Off" (1988)

"Hey mum, whats for dinner? Go up you nose and pick a winner!" If ever you wanted to set the tone and let people know not to take you to seriously, then opening with a song about picking your nose is the way to go! Silliness aside, Biz might be comedic, but he has a steady and charismatic flow that quickly draws one into the song and the album. Biz ain't no joke, even if the subject matter is.

The golden era Hip Hop is one i have great respect for, considering how much innovation Hip Hop has been through over the years, the formula is always the same, beats and rhymes. Its a reminder that nothing is dated. Biz's flow, with its old-skool vibe, is captivating and witty and the lyrical content is there even if comical at times, theres also some socially conscious rap on the track Vapors which is a standout track on this record.

The instrumentals on this record aren't quite as memorable as others from the era (ie Schooly D's PSK), but they serve the purpose well. Theres also quite a few snippets on this album that have been sampled by post-golden artists which is always a nice listening experience for keen ears. Overall and easily enjoyable album if your into the golden era.

Favorite Tracks: Pickin' Boogers, Vapors, Nobody Beats The Biz
Rating: 6/10