Thursday, 6 November 2014

Depeche Mode "Black Celebration" (1986)

It feels a little strange to talk about music you know is hugely influential, yet know so little about. Over the years I've heard nothing but good things about Depeche Mode, their influence and legacy. Finally I have got around to giving them a listen. It took me a while to fully grasp this album and adjust to their sound, which is strange considering how clean and approachable they are. My memory of the first listen feels almost alien to how it sounds now, maybe this is the power of familiarity.

Depeche Mode compose powerful, intelligent music with a strong emotional narrative and direction thats guided by energetic, bold arrangements of synth notation and quirky noises layering these songs with detail. This absorbing sound is beautifully composed giving bright, colorful melodic leads room to shine and chime with Martin Gore's loving voice and swooning lyrics. The combination is powerful, creating a lasting impression as the two dance around each other and drive home moments you can't get out of your head.

Their genius is subtle, there is a brilliance to these compositions, the group build up suspense and narrative with detailed instrumentals that are ever so slightly contrasting to Gore's powerful soothing voice. Then at the perfect moment they shift the gears to let the melodic lead unfold and meld with the vocals to create those goosebump moments that last. Fantastic sounding album that has grown on me tremendously with each listen, now i understand what the fuss is about.

Favorite Songs: Fly On The Windscreen, A Question Of Time, Stripped, Here Is The House
Rating: 9/10