Monday, 3 November 2014

The Cool Kids "The Bake Sale" (2008)

The Cool Kids are a Hip Hop duo who both rap and produce all of the music. Hailing from Chicago, the duo gained some acclaim and recognition for their debut mixtape "Totally Flossed Out" and this EP which they dropped in 2008. After hearing good things about the pair, I decided to check this EP out which starts with an attentive track that sets the tone for the listener with a touch of class. The beat is constructed of vocal samples pronouncing the instruments name that have been pitch shifted and stretched to emulate the tone of said instrument. It gives the record its premise and a touch of humor that lets you know there is not much to be taken too seriously.

The two create a sound that is heavily influenced by the golden era of Hip Hop, recreating it with a modern twist that gives them a fresh and unique sound. Production wise the beats are crisp and audible, emulating the style and grove of those classic beats with a nice set of modern kits that give it some flavor and character as opposed to strait recreation. Across the 10 tracks they unload all the tricks, revisiting many different styles reminiscent of the era, including the classic big sound hits.

Vocally I didn't find the pair too exciting, they both have good tone and flows but a lack of energy and enthusiasm leaves the laid back style a little lackluster for my taste. Theres a few good lines here and there but most of the lyrical content failed to engage me, the raps are rarely serious or deep, and that lack of substance left me feeling like something was missing, however thats really not what this music is about, and in the right mood their fun and oldskool style can be enjoyable. The approach and execution of this retro themed EP was decent and served a fun listening experience but fell short of giving me something to return too.

Favorite Songs: 88, Basement Party
Rating: 3/10

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