Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" (1993)

"Who wants, honey? As long as theres some money!" The Smashing Pumpkins sophomore album starts of with a bang! Cherub Rock is possibly their greatest song, it really encapsulates some of the groups best qualities. Siamese Dream starts where their debut "Gish" left off, this album saw the group break into the mainstream with the album penetrating several top 10s around the globe, it has since gone 4 times platinum in the USA, and deservingly so, this record is an experience. Building on Gish, the group fine tune their sound and deliver a gorgeous record rich with moving instrumentals, emotional lyrics and a resounding consistency that engages me as these 13 songs travel through many passages of their unique sound. 

The sound of this record is absorbing, the guitar tone is dense and inviting, with a warm buzz about it thats engaging and exciting as the pair bang out countless alluring riffs and fiery leads. The clean tones are somber, calm, with a lot of colour and personality about them. The drumming on this record is solid but isn't as adventurous as on the previous record, theres not many moments where they make a big impact on the song. The bass is steady, warm and colorful, giving their sound depth and consistency. The cohesion of the instruments is great, this is a sturdy sounding record that brings out the best of them. On the track "Disarm" the inclusion of strings works effortlessly to narrate another classic song 

The guitars and Corgan's voice give this album its character, the bass and drums guide them along their course, as broad, inventive riffs spark emotions that Corgan explores with his voice and words. Utilizing their unique guitar tone, this album cruises through many riffing styles and moments inter spliced with some grabbing emotional calmer moments where clean guitars gleam. Corgan's introspective presences is moving and deep, bringing his honesty and bearing all with an emotional performance delivered with some memorable creativity on occasions. This is a fine album, one with much mood and character and a depth of songs that come with just a hint of nostalgia. Classic!

Favorite Songs: All?
Rating: 9/10