Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lord Lovidicus "Wandervogel Des Waldes" (2014)

I always look forward to new material from Crow, the man behind Lord Lovidicus, but this time I found myself slightly disappointed at first. It has taken sometime for this one to grow on me and it leaves me pondering if this says something about the music, me or possibly the mood I was in when first listening, but either way I have grown fond of it now after several listens through.

"Wandervogel Des Waldes" brings back some earlier elements of minimalism and simplicity in the LL sound and packages it with a pallet of sound and percussion similar to post "When The Mountain Falls" records. These lengthier tracks brood and venture through mystic ancient themes with a attentive appreciation for atmosphere and melody as these slower paced and moody tracks progress gently through imaginative passages often minimal, with a melodic lead over an atmospheric choir synths, guided by a gentle tambourine. There are some more layered moments here and there, but generally these songs follow a simpler narrative in absorbing ambiance. The lush instrumentation soaked in reverb give this record a glowing sound that does a lot for it, creating a strong atmosphere to get lost in as these melodies sing their stories.

Despite my eventual enjoyment, I am left asking many questions of this record and LL. Sometimes more of the same doesn't quite work, and I feel this record has great moments and songs, but they don't stand apart from the last few efforts of which the songs and names don't stick in my mind like earlier records such as "Trolldom" or "The Stars Reflect An Ancient Magic". Maybe it's the similar pallet? Or perhaps the notation isn't as bold or adventurous as before. Whatever the difference is I would definitely be excited for a change and new direction, rather than another album of this theme which I think has been expansively explored. With all that said I imagine for a newer listener this album would be very rewarding.

Favorite Tracks: A Hall Of Trees, The Mead Hearth
Rating: 5/10


  1. Hey X, I have read about 10 of your reviews. Me and my mate love listening and hearing new music. We love catchy and memorable tunes, example the trumpets that play in the chorus of "Trumpets - Jason Derulo" I was wondering if you could do a review on some more modern, music that we the teenagers listen to nowadays. (sound like an old man "When I was a kid") You could also call this music "Mainstream" :) But in all serious I know you like to try and review the more underrated artist. But I personally would love to know how you feel about a song like "Afterlife - Ingrid Michaelson"

    1. Thanks for the recommendations, unfortunately i don't get along with this kind of music much, i do try to like it but it honestly doesn't do anything for me. It's also really similar to the pop music on the radio in the generation i grew up in, pop music doesn't evolve much like other genres. I find light hearted gentle upbeat music like this unrewarding. I need my music to challenge and confront me, make me feel and think. This sort of poppy music just doesn't evoke any emotional response inside.

      Their are some "pop" artists i like, or ones i would consider there mainstream success to lump them in that category. Why not check out some Tears For Fears or Regina Spektor? Let me know your thoughts :-)

    2. Wow never knew that the original of "Mad World" was by Tears For Fears always thought it was Gary Jules, not a huge fan of there other songs though. But after listening to half of Regina Spektor album, I'm really enjoying it. Favourite song would have to be "Ballad of a Politician" kind of dark yet uplifting.

      How do you feel about remixes, original or covers. For example Krewella - Enjoy The Ride (Vicetone Remix) or Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith - La La La (White Panda X Gazzo Remix)

    3. I think remixes and covers are great. We are the sum of everything we have ever experienced, so in a way all music is kinda like a remix :-) I also love sampling in 90s hip hop, great way to use existing music.

    4. I was actually talking to my friend about how one song is inspired by other songs the other day. It took a while for him to understand what I meant XD Well anyway thanks for the feedback and also I can't stop listening to Regina Spektor thanks to you. Can't wait to read more posts.