Friday, 24 April 2015

IGORRR "Nostril" (2010)

Igorrr scratched the itch I never knew I had, my recent discovery of "Hallelujah" leaving me with a desire for more, one which initially didn't quite work for me with this record. "Nostril" is a similar beast that reveals a lack of progression between the two records, with the sound and concept bearing similar traits and ideas in aesthetics, and execution. Initially I may have not been in the right mood, the pounding drums, fast chops and general noise fest proving a little nauseous when not in the zone for abrasive music. But alas Nostril grew on me, and would become my preferred record of the two.

As mentioned the two records sound cut from the same slate, as almost all ideas and execution heard on "Hallelujah" can be found here too, despite four years between them. It took me a while to understand this record, but Nostril has a richer variety and experimentation, both through the contrasting Baroque and Renascence era sampling and the noise base rhythm department with deeper dives into glitched out beats, odd timings, sample distortion and even the use of vinyl scratching and some strong break beat distinctions, the classic "Amen Loop" chopped to death on "Melting Nails". Vocally there is a larger pallet at work, most noticeably the last track "Moldy Eye" which features some dense, ear ripping guttural pig squeals.

Nostril feels familiar, but as the album kicks into gear it offers a greater variety and sampling range that even takes a grab at Jazz and Bluegrass. With more to offer from track to track its a much more enjoyable listen, most noticeably for its quieter moments as the dizzying glitch drums give much more leeway to the sampling taking the lead and letting atmospheres emerge from the odd chemistry. The Black Metal element is a little less prevalent too, overall just a stronger record.

Favorite Songs: Very Long Chicken, Melting Nails, Pavor Nocturnus, Dentist, Veins
Rating: 7/10