Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Raunchy "Vices.Virtues.Visions" (2014)

Danish group "Raunchy" snuck this one, their sixth full length, right under my radar last year. Raunchy are a six-piece group whos sound would lump them under the "Future Fusion Metal" name coined by Mnemic, describing the sound in the European scene. Combining many of the energetic elements of Industrial, Metalcore, Djent, Death and even Progressive Metal, their sound would be atypical if not for the Electronics present in the form of backing symphonics and Trance like leads that add a engrossing layer of electronic melodics. Their 2006 release "Death Pop Romance" impressed me immensely and earned them a reputation as a band I should always take the time to check out what they are upto.

The best of Raunchy comes from their clean melodic vocal lead hooks and infectious, poppy trance like melodies that ring out an uplifting mood along side aggressive, modern Djent metal riffage that pounds and grinds chugging rhythms with aggressive drumming. Its the moments that give way to the electronics that Raunchy find their niche, and they create these vibrant sing along moments song after song, but its the moments between where things don't move so smooth. The Metal side of their sound is relatively generic and the guitars lack a spark to create something with an energy or idea thats fresh to an experienced metal listener. It flicks like a switch as the songs build up with varying riffs and structures that lead to the implosive moment where the electronics drop in and time and time again this is where the magic happens.

"Vices.Virtues.Visions" is a decent effort, one that taps into the best of their unique sound, but drifts into mediocrity when the Metal takes lead. Clocking in at over an hour with a couple of lengthy numbers the moments between can drag, however the hooks and melodies are right on point. Another strength this record developed were some pounding festival like beats, you can envision the crowd clapping and fist pumping along to the bass kick that rings out as the music calms before the storm. Sound wise its representative of modern production, very audible and clear, the drums having a punchy and crisp tone about them. The electronics sounding superb alongside the crunchy guitars. Raunchy do a lot right here, but tiring of typical Metal guitars made a lot of this record dull for me. 

Favorite Tracks: Truth Taker, Digital Dreamer, Anasthesia Throne, I, Avarice
Rating: 5/10