Sunday, 26 April 2015

Suicide Silence "You Can't Stop Me" (2014)

Suicide Silence are a Californian Deathcore five-piece band who emerged from the early scene with one of the harsher sounds the genre would know. Snappy drums, deafening guitars and two distinct styles of brute force vocals, shrill snarly screams and bludgeoning dense gutturals. The band forged a unique sound which has led them to great success in establishing and growing a large fan base over the years. In 2012 tragedy struck the group when lead singer Mitch Lucker died in a motorcycle accident. Known for being covered in tattoos and being an all round nice guy he would be sorely missed, which is true of the music too, his style and tone an undeniable pivot in the groups sound and success. I was genuinely surprised to hear the band were continuing on. This first record without Mitch features Eddie Hermida stepping up to fill the big boots left behind.

The album continues where "The Black Crown" left off, showing a tamer side to their previously bludgeoning approaching to brutal, slamming music. This constructive riffing approach and choice of tempered, varied styles puts the record in an interesting balance where the brutal, slam moments steal the show. Melodic leads, guitar solos and various breaks do alter the flow where the bludgeoning would get nauseous, but this is what the band used to do so well, a continual onslaught of over the top brutality and although its still a prevalent mentality, the spark is lost in all but a few songs where things get heated but even then its nothing as intense and defining as songs like "Girl Of Glass" which reminds me of the lack of breakdown or breakout moments I had come accustom to.

The records production is a little crowded and overpowering, although effective in creating a brutal tone, the drums and guitars are over compressed, reducing the tone and color in crowded moments where the pounding rhythm takes lead as the instruments tones collide. With such big boots to fill vocalist Eddie does a relatively decent job with rasp screams and deep, open tonal gutturals, but ultimately the spark they once had is lost with Mitch and Eddies generic screams make a mediocre record of a band loosing their charm. Not all is bad, there's a couple of decent tracks and its an entertaining listen if your in the mood for mindless brutality, not to mention an enthralling feature from George Fisher.

Favorite Songs: Control, Warrior, Ending Is The Beginning.
Rating: 4/10


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  3. Xisuma, you have no idea how happy it makes me to think that you listen to deathcore. Check out my band This Divided World if you're feeling in the mood for something brutal.