Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sithu Aye "Pulse" (2014)

Sithu Aye, the one man band from Burma, is a Djent guitarist who I've recently discovered through their second full length "Invent The Universe", a bright and uplifting album of racing melodic leads and crunchy Djent riffage. "Pulse" is the latest in a string of EPs released in the years since that sounds and feels like it could of been on the same record. One of my hopes for this artist was to hear them progress away from the comfort zone of a sound thats being well played out, and to carve their own niche. That being said Sithu Aye does do a fantastic job creating energetic, positive Djent Metal, but for all its enjoyment there was only a single moment here that grabbed me as the rest often faded out of focus, in a pleasant way, enjoyable but failing to command my attention.

The record starts with two guest musicians, Pilini on the first and Aaron Marshall on the second "Messenger" which pricked my ears up from the mid section as the pair blazed into colorful solos that surfed the wave over some grooving chugging rhythm guitar. Beyond the singular moment I felt a lack of distinction when it came to making these songs into something special. The tight Djent riffs, bright blazing guitar leads, reverb soaked acoustics and occasion electronic glitches sound gorgeous in each moment but as the songs stretch on they circle around the same ideas established in "Invent The Universe" and fail to break their own mold and provide anything unexpected or challenging. Since this style is my cup of tea I can't have any complaints when it comes to a good listening experience, but the lack of refreshment will have me choosing other records.

Favorite Songs: Messenger, Pulse Part II
Rating: 5/10