Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lard "The Last Temptation Of Reid" (1990)

Investigating some of Industrial legends Ministry's many side projects I stumbled into the abruptly named "Lard" that features Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra alongside the Ministry lineup of the time. Delightfully for me it retains a lot of the attitude and industrial aggression of the group at their peak, with Jello's vocals providing a slightly maniac dimension. The biggest point of contention would be the chemistry between the two. Having spotted Biafra in Ministry's "In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up" live show VHS it wasn't quite a surprise to find the musicians from different scenes has struck up a friendship. Jello's theatrical and flamboyant style is a little soar against the rigid industrial sounds of drummer Ward's machine like timing and Jourgensen's mechanical guitar riffs. It grows with each listen but never finds the right cohesion.

The guitar work is undeniably in the same vein as Ministry at their best, the drums too, and much of whats on offer feels like it could be reworked and slipped into one of their classic records. At times some Hardcore Punk influences show their merit but the main separation is the inclusion other musical ideas, some punk, some more melodic, cropping up in-between the repetitive onslaught of the instrumental Industrial beast. Of what sounds best, is mostly of what that is most familiar, however the track "They're Coming To Take Me Away" steals the show with a dark, grizzly and haunting march through the sounds of mental insanity as a gritty baseline plugs away behind a military drum march that as the sounds of screams and cries filling the void between scary coo coo clocks. Jello gets his performance spot on with his creepy "Hee hee", "Ha Ha" and "Hoo Hoo"s. Its a dizzying track of metal darkness but makes its point splendidly. Great record for a Ministry fan, but nothing to spectacular taking place.

Favorite Song: They're Coming To Take Me Away
Rating: 6/10