Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Izioq "New Songs For Old Kids" (2016)

The new year has finally landed! Our first record of 2016 is none other than the wonderful Izioq who has been injecting a healthy dose of smiles into my time-lapses and livestreams with the playful and spirited music that plays tribute to the wonder of the childhoods of my generation. I was undoubtedly excited to see this record released and once again suffered from a little of first listen confusion. It is a curiosity to how first impressions can be telling for some and in the case of this record, misleading. Since the second listen I have be loving this one, another warm and welcome dose of soothing, delightful melodies to fill the soul with good vibes.

What this record has going for itself, compared to the previous two, is a current of continuity, a steadier sense of theme and mood which flows from track to track breezing with a calmer and settling vibe, reflected in the shorter track listing and an average of longer songs. The album doesn't encroach on many new ideas and sits firmly in the comfort zone of its predecessor "My Own Private Video Game", with the track "My Cereal Box Song" indulging us in a playful, mischievous throwback to the nostalgic 8-bit sounds of "Retro Life" although its "break" or transitional mid phase lavishes us in an ethereal wash of swirling synthesizers. 

It kicks off with a burst of energy and the cracking "Welcome To Izio Qlub" that delivers the charming, inspired melodies we love with a chirpy upbeat punch and chunky bass-line. Its followed by stunning and dramatic strings narrating the swiftly paced traveling song "Epic Grandpa". Not long after the record calms itself into the quieter, atmospheric songs the other half of Izioq's style explored much on the predecessor. It concludes with the songs most inventive track "Song For Robin Williams". A personal tribute that drifts through an unusual, lost dimension between sorrow and wonder. Its quite the emotion jerking song when you think about who its for.

This record came together well but fell a little short of expectations, a few brighter, energetic melody driven numbers in the latter half would have given it a familiar feel, drifting between two styles but the atmospheric numbers didn't have quite the same spark. That being said, this was a very enjoyable record, that fits right into my Izioq playlist and shows there is more to be enjoyed from this universe of music.

Favorite Songs: Welcome To Izio Qlub, Epic Grandpa, My Cereal Box Song, Song For Robin Williams
Rating: 6/10