Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tycho "Dive" (2011)

Turning to something calm, upbeat and electronic I browsed my way to a record that really grabbed me a few years back. Its not a classic, it has its flaws but indulgences us in a unique style of electronic psychedelic and dreamy wet vibes delivered with a touch of accessibility. Tycho, or Scott Hansen, is an American electronic musician who's been actively releasing records under this moniker for over a decade and "Dive", his forth full length record, was the first of his music I heard.

The records style, substance and pallet establish itself immediately as the echoing, vibrato synths warm up into a pleasant and calm atmosphere. The down tempo beat comes in steadily with a hard, thudding kick and light snappy snare that feels as effortless as the breezy atmosphere that's growing. The song winds down a little before kicking back in with faster drums and growing layers of instruments and rich synths. A bold and calculated baseline grooves under airy synths that ooze and drift between the other sounds in an entrancing state. It washes over with an almost ethereal vibe, one that's much brighter and uplifting. At times these synths expand and contract to the beat of the bass drum, reinforcing a strangely organic vibe that creeps through electronic tapestry.

From the opening track alone you get a a vivid picture of what the rest of the record will offer. With such a lush and enigmatic sound Tycho fails to push the initial premise any further and the album can certainly lull if your not quite in the mood. But that's not what this record is about, its a moment of beauty, calm and serine, entrancing and psychedelic that stretches on and on. Although each song is great in its own right the lack of variety or imagination in the melodies has each song feeling like the one before it. The approach is the same each time and little is expanded on from the first track, which I feel could be a love or hate scenario. Maybe you want that one moment to stretch on, or maybe like me you need some spice and theater in a fifty minute record. Its brilliant, but flawed and on a final note I love the album art. Its simple but beautifully painted, and is a perfect fit for the sound inside.

Favorite Songs: A Walk, Dive, Melanine
Rating: 7/10