Monday, 4 June 2018

Wiley "Godfather II" (2018)

He is hailed as the godfather of Grime and last year English MC Wiley brought out the first of these two records. It served as a pivotal point for the artist who deep into his career has mustered a fiery record, loaded with the slickest, sharp and punchy Grime beats as he finds himself in an introspective moment, reflecting over his career and his status in the scene. Telling endearing tales about the work they put in to keep this music scene relevant and his trajectory within it, the resulting Godfather record had a special feel to it. As an outsider to the screen looking in you could feel that too.

This second chapter unfortunately falls short of expectations without the music itself suffering. There are three flaws that loom over a great set of instrumentals and rhymes. Firstly length, at thirty six minutes its a significantly shorter listen and leading into the second point, at the sixth track "Certified" the records theme seems to split off into themes of relationships and love leaving half the record feeling like another project altogether. The chiller beats, Dance, R&B influences and guest singers are wonderful, Wiley's introspection and honesty on the mic is a keen point too but it splits the already shorter record in half. The third point would be the Godfather half itself, its the same theme again and Wiley doesn't bring anything new to the table he didn't do on the first time around.

These flaws however are mostly about the records structure and concept. The beats and rhymes are as sharp and concise as before. Every instrumental owns its mood and Wiley comes to the mic like the seasoned vet he is, never missing the mark and engaging the listener with his keen lyricism. Its great music, the R&B vibes are especially well put together but does pull the music in a different direction from the hard hitting beats in opens up with.

Favorite Tracks: Remember Me, Still Standing, Fashion Week
Rating: 6/10