Monday, 11 June 2018

My Day At Sunday Download Festival 2018

I had quite the incentive to go for one day this year, with exception to five or six other artists, most the bands I wanted to see were playing Sunday. Of course discovering new acts and watching bands you've never heard of is a lot of fun too! Wish I had gone for the whole weekend now but I must admit I enjoy the comfort of my bed after a long day in the sun.

Dream State
Starting of the day this five piece group warmed up crowds with a mix of gleaming Post-Rock melodics and Pop-Metal heaviness that was easy to follow along with and enjoy.

Greta Van Fleet
With an unapologetic indulgence in nostalgia, GVF graced the stage in their sixties clothing and swooned the crowd. With an infectious mix of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendricks and Lynyrd Skynyrd vibes they relived the sounds of times gone by in glorious fashion. Very impressive.

Cradle Of Filth
Summer sun and the open stage just doesn't suit English legends Cradle Of Filth. With a mediocre stage presence and thin sounding symphonic section the performance mustered not much beyond the enjoyment of hearing a couple of old classics. Should of stayed at the second stage for longer.

This was my third time seeing this rising band. Playing new songs and classics from Vol II, they were sure to win over new fans with an enthusiastic set that really got the day rolling as the moods flowed from their inspired playing, one of the days best.

Dead Cross
Ive caught wind of the acclaim for this "super group" of musicians from already established bands but have yet to get into a record. Getting punished by the hovering sun I watched from afar, enjoying the riff fests and smatterings of unsettling noise between but perhaps would of enjoyed it more had I known their material better.

Bad Cop Bad Cop
These punk rockers brought a lot of energy and liveliness to the stage, burning through songs with positive statements in between, not specially my cup of tea but it was nice to relax in the shade of the tent and enjoy the show.

Not the first band that comes to mind when you think of Thrash Metal but these German Metal legends have been rocking that sound for decades and I'm guilty of not further exploring there records beyond a couple in the naughties. They put on a killer show that sounded fantastic. Hard hitting thrash that got the crowd moving!

Milk Teeth
I was dead excited to see this group. Having missed my chance to catch their Christmas show I was very happy to see them on this years line up. With a whole heap of energy they drove through their songs, commanding pits in the crowd and rocking their fantastic Grunge sound hard. I especially enjoyed Brain food from Vile Child as well as their guitarist who through his guitar to the ground in order to climb the scaffolding and scream at the crowd. One of the best.

Body Count
When I saw Ice-T and his cronies a couple years back they thought it would be the last. I remember it so well, that moment where Ice realized this was probably it for them. With one last effort the band revitalized their career thanks to the Grammy nominated Bloodlust. They returned to download with their usual persona and energy in front of a rammed crowd. They had just as much fun as we did with Ice entertaining between the songs.

Black Foxxes
It may not be a good thing to say that I can't remember much of this band, probably because I took the opertunity to sit down in the shade of the tent and recharge the batteries. I don't remember anything negative but I certainly wasn't captivated in anyway.

With the sun at the peak of its cooking ability it was a little hard to fully enjoy this band, big scenic soundscapes born from Art Rock and Post-Hardcore vibes they put on a fair show of interesting music with a fair amount of texture coming over the PA.

One of my all time favorite bands, they always stir me right up! Although I wasn't massively keen on The Violent Sleep Of Reason, the new songs were well performed by the five Swedes who let the music do the talking. They busted through about six songs, ending with the colossal Demiurge. It was a real treat of head banging madness and a touch of moshing that reminded me its not as fun as it used to be to get bashed about. Really loved seeing them, something that doesn't happen often enough!

With a gap in the scheduled for food I realized there was no reason I couldn't eat and listen. Just to my luck this group happened to be a really interesting composition of Black Metal with angelic vocals. The show was superb and now I have a new band I must check out!

Zeal And Ardor
The fruits of the internet age are laid bare here. A lone artist with an experimental musical idea, releasing the self produced Devil Is Fine online and blossoming to life with heaps of attention and praise from the viral nature of information. Now a six piece band, the fusion of Black Metal, Chain Gang songs and other extremes came to life through a vivid show that had the music roaring out of the angry Manuel, slamming his first into his guitar and screaming with ferocity. Undoubtedly the days best show, maybe one of the best this year.

Marilyn Mason
Following the best perhaps came the worst with a tantrum throwing Manson taking an age to get it together between songs. Promoting the new Heaven Upside Down album the song Say 10 sounded great and so did a few others to be fair but his stage presence and attitude just doesn't suit the big stage soaked in sun.

The Grammy nominated Baroness return with pretty much the same show as last year. Now headlining the fourth stage their fans were huddled together to give it a stronger atmosphere but with no new songs It felt a little dull in comparison.

Ozzy Osbourne
Rather than go to the front and make the most of my last opertunity to see the Metal god himself on stage, we decided to hang back and watch from a far, which is never the same. It might play on my mind but given that seeing Black Sabbath hasn't left that much of an impression on me, I think the same could be said of Ozzy, he still sings fantastically but the era is long gone. It was great to hear so many classics but also nice to chill out and get away from the crowds early.