Thursday, 14 June 2018

Mazzy Star "Still" (2018)

I have mixed feelings about this record. After a fifteen year gap I was dead excited to get my hands on this new Mazzy Star record, however whats new about it is a little bit fuzzy. Consisting of just four tracks we have an alternate take to the noisy and psychedelic trip So Tonight That I Might See, admittedly the texture and mix of this performance is far more dynamic and engrossing. The first two tracks have been performed live for many years which leaves us with the title track Still, just two minutes of new material that doesn't make much of an impact alongside these other songs. I haven't read up on the status of the group, I am hoping this short EP is just a warm up for a record, getting back into the swing of things and letting fans known things are happening but I'm not hopeful.

Nothing about these four songs is out of the ordinary, the Californian group revive their breezy, soothing sound once again. Channeled through the quiet, soft and beautiful voice of Hope Sandoval the accompanying muted instrumentation plays with a cushioned grace, strumming gentle chords quietly and softly tapping of the keys of a piano, you may not even notice the drummer if it wasn't for the snare which pops in on time cautiously. It gets exciting when the final track rolls in, mustering moments of distortion guitar madness over its thick and foggy organ gloom, Hope whispering murmurs into the background, we have heard it before but it is far more absorbing in this re-recording. Although I love their sound this felt far to similar to just spinning an old record of theirs, hearing whats been heard before.

Rating: 3/10