Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions "Bavarian Fruit Bread" (2001)

Following up on Mazzy Starr's "Among My Swan" and subsequent hiatus, this Hope Sandoval record is mistakable for her main band. With the help of "The Warm Intentions", Hope continues on a similar path with a collection of dreamy and mysterious folk numbers that induce a laid back trance as Hope's seductive voice soothes the soul with her soft and dreamy singing voice. Whats different between the two projects is subtle, the trademark bells and harmonicas feature as if the same, but the hazy distortion tones and darker leaning of the sound are gone.

"Bavarian Fruit Bread" is a lighter incarnation that has the same breezy, dreamy nature. It gives a lot more light to Hope's voice in a complimenting manor. The instrumentals can be a touch sparse at times with the drum kit being a rare feature in many of these songs and its very much a case of hit and miss. When in full swing like "On The Low" everything is just right, mellow and rural, charming and delicate. Indulging, at other times the lone guitar and Hope get's a little to baron to spark the magic, but its also a case of mood. Sometimes I could drift right in, but not often.

Its a terrific sounding record with sparkling acoustic guitars and dreamy echos. There is a couple of more striking songs than on the previous record but its coupled with plenty of tiresome songs that get a little lost with the wind. Hope's voice is beautiful throughout but it doesn't come together as a full length, great in the perfect mood but often a bit of a drab. As much as I wanted to like this album its flaws were all to apparent.

Favorite Songs: Suzane, On The Low
Rating: 4/10