Thursday, 8 October 2015

E. Jacobs "E Q U I N O X" (2015)

The equinox is the debut instrumental Hip Hop EP or "Beat tape" of Colorado based producer "E. Jacobs". Having followed Jacobs and his regular instrumentals on youtube for over a year I've been looking forward to a record release for sometime. The record doesn't break ground or steer much from Jacobs traditional style, but does hold together a chilled introspective vibe that flows through each of the tracks.

As always the same two thoughts come to mind. On one hand Jacobs has a flair for composition, finding unique samples to mix with well crafted beats that catch the 90s feel yet with modern trap influences as intricate high hat patterns shuffle back and forth on most of these songs. On the other hand the production is amateur and lacks balance. Often the different samples overpower each other sometimes bury the drums as they compete for volume. On occasions its worked to effect, on this short EP its often disrupting the clarity of what are essentially laid back, calmer beats.

When it comes to the instrumental aspect these beats are very much constructed for verses with repetitive loops that don't offer much variety. The better beats carry themselves with an indulgence but others tire a little from the repetition and could do with some flair to spice them up. The beats on show here may not be Jacobs best work, but how they flow together and set a tone certainly elevates this short 20 minute record.

Rating: 4/10
Favorite Songs: Vernal, Atlantis

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  1. Thank you for taking time to check it out friend! I appreciate your words in regards to the tape and will work on the aspects you mentioned. - E. Jacobs