Friday, 2 October 2015

August Burns Red "Found In Far Away Places" (2015)

 August Burns Red are an American Metalcore five-piece band from Pennsylvania USA who have gained considerable momentum and praise in recent years among the various Metal scenes. The band formed out of high school in 2003 and have been consistently releasing records and developing their sound since 2006 of which this is their sixth full length release. I'll admit from the get go that I've not been in the mood for Metalcore but I couldn't deny the level of quality this record produced.

Working with the finest production the band has received yet we have an inspired and crafted record where the two guitarists make a mark with an endless flow of tight, chompy groove riffs and energetic rhythms interchanging with dynamic leads that guide the songs. There's many techniques, approaches and ideas at work in the rhythm guitar and they meld effortlessly with the leads that constantly light the path with a fluid energy and enigmatic tone that doesn't falter, continually progressing the music from one step to the next.

Breaking up the heavy and sometimes relentless aggression comes in some acoustic, folk moments that have a tinge of Kentucky about them, reminding me of Panopticon's "Roads To The North". At times the music subtly transitions into these calmer moments with gentle guitar leads and jiving base. In others can be rigid and hard cut but always sounding fantastic, adding an effortless dimension that's quite bipolar compared to the anger fueled chugging moments, yet we can be led so easily between the two. In those generic breakdown moments the band do a fantastic job defining there own style with tight choppy grooves that don't stray to far from the winning formula.

The guitar work stole the show, and beside them big bold baselines and brutally precise drums hammered away reinforcing the tightly woven aggression they led. I couldn't say too much for the vocals, I didn't find the tone and delivery anything special, but there was no harm done it was just a adequate performance that didn't have a spark. At the same time the Metalcore vocal style has never been a favorite of mine. Its a brilliant record from a band maturing well in their peak.

Rating: 6/10


  1. I got into this band back in Constellations and enjoy all their stuff. This album is no exception. I love the style of vocals that go along with their stuff. Although I have not yet learned any songs from this album, I love singing along as I listen (and typically drive).

    While I listened to heavy stuff before them (ex: Tool), this is one of the bands that shaped what I listen to now so much, that I still listen to (also, Demon Hunter & Zao).

    This album is not my favorite by them, though I also can't say that I don't like any particular album they've released that much either. Again, I enjoy it all.

    In order to form a proper opinion (and rating), I feel like I need to listen to the album several times over an extended period of time to truly get a feel for the album. At this point, 8/10 minimum.

  2. For me it was also during 2009 when Constellations came out that I was recommended to have a listen to it and totally love this band ever since.
    For me what really stood out from the beginning was the unconventional "order" of the songs often having no specific chorus but going from one part to another with sometimes quite apprupt but still concerned and well placed "drops" as you mentioned aswell into parts with eg folk or choir like themes.
    To this day my favourite song is "Marianas Trench" from Constellations having an incredibly smooth but intro wich is slowly building up the tension. The vocals adapting to the instruments and their change in rythm but still giving enough of a counter point to stand out just enough. Love how Jake Luhrs changes his tone of growling during the different themes. The guitar lines are varied even more and its only at the very end where they fade into a longer repetition while it fades out. The only critique that I can think about are the lyrics that ,while the musical characteristics change big time along the song, dont tell too much of a story and would be very dull without the growling changing mentioned above.