Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Underachievers "Evermore - The Art Of Duality" (2015)

Young Hip Hop duo "The Underachievers" from Brooklyn, New York are back with a follow up to last years debut "Cellar Door"! A dark and mysterious record with modern instrumentals, speedy raps and lyrical substance, somewhat of a rarity in this era of Hip Hop. The two showed a lot of artistic intelligence and there potential has been truly realized on "Evermore" where the two step up there game with bigger raps, tighter themes and another set of quality instrumentals. The record is split into two half's as the cover would suggest, the light and dark side, both fleshed out in concept and sound.

The two rally back and forth with engaging heart felt raps, telling there life stories and introspective thoughts with a touch of class in lyrical delivery that never takes the foot of the gas. Spitting fast coherent rhymes through their distinctive flows, I find myself reminded of the greats like Nas and Rakim who could engage from start to end as these two do for the most part of this record. Delivering positive messages of expanded consciousness and awareness the two struck a nerve with me and reflected a lot of my attitude towards the importance perspective and our roles in a collective experience with deep and meaningful ideas and lifestyle suggestions. The rhymes are on point as are the beats, the bright side complimenting their narratives with alien, exotic instrumentals full of spacey synths and harmonious oddities with a positive soul. There's a nice spread of variance, "The Dualist" getting generously jazzy and the record fails to repeat itself keeping each instrumental unique.

"Reincarnation" marks the dark side of the record with a deliberately evil and menacing trap instrumental. The two shift gears bringing the battle raps and boisterous rhyme spitting to prove there worth. The ghostly "ah ha" echoing confirmations return and a lot of the focus shifts away from the conscious raps and catchy hooks drop in as a focal point around the mean, showoff rap style. The instrumentals follow a similar spacey vibe but flow in a mysterious direction with trap beats pounding out fast fluttery hi hats and aggressive snare kick grooves.

The first half definitely takes the biscuit with much deep wisdom to be found in the lyrics and the instrumentals shine brighter than their counterparts, that's no pun. These were some of the best Hip Hop tracks I had heard this year. The second half is a mark behind but still fantastic and engaging. The duo really came through on this one, proving their potential and elevating themselves as artists with a focused and meaningful effort that turned into a memorable record I've been unable to put down.

Favorite Song: Star Signs
Rating: 9/10