Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Milk Teeth "Vile Child" (2016)

Thanks to Youtubes wonderful auto play feature, my recent discovery of revivalist Puppy led me to another group, English four piece Grunge rockers, Milk Teeth. In similar spirit they capture the essence of that 90s sound, once again without stepping on toes. Most comparatively Nirvana may spring to mind in their more energetic songs but they stand on their own two feet with twelve tracks of angsty, emotional, introspective music that drifts between anger and melancholy with the craft for direct, moshable rock out songs and breaks for atmospheric numbers too.

The groups guitar tones are dynamite, a very inviting fuzz of overdrive with a tinge from various effects pedals, filling the airwaves with the warm buzzing of noisy power chord shredding. With slightly dissonant leads they cascade through wall of sound in the moments they break away with moving harmonizations. American singer Blomfield, presumably by accent, captures that youthful young adult mind with lyrics revolving around the internal struggle of thought and the need to fill the hole in ones head, her voice, soft, sincere and with a bite when the agression kicks in. On a couple other songs another band member takes up vocal duty with strained, thin shouts and screams, off note and seemingly awful they somehow work wonders with the energy of the music and despite there rough, abrasiveness are quite the spark where they turn up. Its a raw honesty that makes it work.

Kicking off with their most upfront songs the later half of the record tones down the aggression for more acoustic chords a Post-Rock like sections, giving ear to the raw chunky bass guitar rattling away below. The drums too are lively and energetic but didn't do too much to grab my attention, a sign to me they are doing just the right thing in each moment. The four a fantastic chemistry together, their aesthetic compensates simplistic song structures and the guitar leads continually climax the songs when they breakaway. I can't get enough of this record right now. Luckily they have a couple of EPs in the back catalog.

Favorite Songs: Brickwork, Burger Drop, Brain Food, Cut You Up
Rating: 7/10