Friday, 7 April 2017

Palms "Palms" (2013)

Labeled as a "super group", Palms consists of three members from the Post-Metal band Isis and vocalist Chino Moreno of Deftones. The two forces come together effortlessly as the group indulge in atmospheric, awe-inspiring Post-Metal with electronics and Ethereal styles, graced by the man who's voice has given such distinction to his main ambition. Its the only release from the group so far, a six track record that I really enjoyed a few years back and given their silence since I decided to dig it out for another listen.

Palms is effortless, easy on the ears, gorgeous and serine. Gleaming guitar tones echo out through lofty luscious reverbs, as if soaking in the gaze of the sun. In true Post-Metal style the band transition between golden acoustic tones and hazy, mesmerizing distortions as the rattle of chords drift and glide over one another in grandiose splendor. Much like the records cover there is the bright warmth of sunlight in the bands sound, yet the skies are overcast and this is very reflective of the sound which feels as if something beautiful is burgeoning from a smothering, gloomy setting.

Chino's charming voice focus's on his softer side, often with subtle light echos transforming the dimension of his voice, with it he fits sweetly into the soundscape. Low, deep thudding baselines and tight shuffling drum patterns mold the backbone for the guitars to cast their light across the stage. Its scenic music, warm moments pass us by, beautiful emotions resolve with a streak of sorrow, illuminating itself with the craft and vision the band members give to it.

A couple of tracks feel as if they could slip into a Deftones record, not to any fault. The electronics bring drum kits and special effects into the fold but only a keen ear would notice when they crop up as the bands sound feels so effortless and organic were acoustic and electronic forces are both at work in different measures. There's nothing to falter here and I haven't grown old of it over the years, its got its Ethereal moments too, reminding me of favorite records by groups like Autumn's Grey Solace, Lycia and Love Spirals Downwards. It certainly fits a similar mood however with a bolder metallic overtone.

Rating: 8/10

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