Thursday, 20 April 2017

Milk Teeth "Sad Sack" (2015)

Fresh faced and full of youth, Bristol based rockers Milk Teeth capture that early 90s Grunge scene energy with a refreshing measure of emotional substance and riveting aesthetics that you can sink your teeth into, excuse the pun. Released nine months earlier than their debut full length "Vile Child", Milk Teeth's second EP is probably my favorite so far. With just half the tracks we get six killer songs of distortion driven angsty introspection that doesn't let up with any solely acoustic songs. As a short record it flows perfectly and much that's to be said about the band and their aesthetic Ive said before. Id be repeating myself, as any song on "Sad Sack" could be switched seamlessly into "Vile Child".

Each song has something that makes it tick, gives it an edge. The record winds down with the atmospheric, moody "Trampoline" which indulges itself in Ethereal reverb soaked acoustic chords before exploding into an extravagant riff with complimenting lead guitar amplifying the feels. "Vitamins" kicks it off with lively, pumping drums beats and feedback driven guitar noise between the crunchy riffs. "Melon Blade" tweaks the effects pedals to give the guitars an insular tonal sound that illuminates between the "crooked spoon" lyrics. Because the band tweak their distortions track to track, loading each one with all sorts of subtle, sometimes obvious noises and manipulations of sound, the songs become rampant with energy and there character is magnified as the riffs are brought to life with more than just a chord arrangement. That's there charm and on this EP its loaded from start to end.

Rating: 7/10