Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cannibal Corpse "A Skeletal Domain" (2014)

Cannibal Corpse are a band that need no introduction, having sold over half a million records world wide they are the best selling death metal band of all time. Over the years have developed a cult following that has allowed them to continue touring and writing music for 26 years. This wasn't an album i was especially looking forward too, the last two albums had been a bit lack luster and fell far behind 06s "Kill", however having a lot of respect for this band i had to give it go.

This record was pretty much what i anticipated, 12 tracks of tightly executed death metal in a typical Cannibal Corpse mentality. The recording is crisp, every instrument is clear and powerful in the mix, quite possibly there best sounding record so far. Fishers voice is as menacing as ever, and it all sounds great... but what is wrong?

As good as this album sounds the songs are almost cliché, which is what a lot of fans love. Cannibal Corpse are pounding out there dark and brutal style yet again, but for me its become stale, they are sitting in a comfort zone and repeating themselves. Sure there are some good moments and head banger riffs but its pretty forgettable being almost a repeat of there previous efforts. This band has undergone a lot of evolution over their career while managing to maintain there sound and identity, but in the last few years the expansion of there sound has been missing.

Rating: 2/10