Sunday, 12 October 2014

Godflesh "A World Lit Only By Fire" (2014)

Godflesh are a two piece band from England who formed in 1988. Their first release "Streetcleaner" was a landmark in the emerging Industrial Metal scene. It brought the sound to its dark and heaviest peak with Broadrick's unique, unsettling guitar sound building atmospheres intensified by the gritty drum machine and crushing noise driven bass of Green. In later years they experimented with there sound bringing in an interesting Hip Hop aspect through the drum machine before disbanding in 2003. They have been cited as a huge influence on other Metal acts, often referred to as a "band's band". 13 years since their last album its was a surprise to hear the EP they dropped earlier this year, and not so much that it was followed up with this full length.

Initially i was excited, on this record Godflesh have reinvented their sound as well as maintaining what makes them stand out from other bands. Greens bass has the glorious clunky, crunching distortion were used to, its captured here well in a now modern era of recording. Broadrick's guitars are notoriously low and slightly Djenty, most definitely 7 or 8 string guitars at work here. The musical approach is more riff oriented, with Broadrick's discordant, eerie sounds not often the focus as much as the bouncy, thrashy riffs. His voice still has the power it once did and on the track "Towers Of Emptiness" there is an altered double track that has a real demonic sound to it.

The formula works, the sound is dark, hard hitting and vigorous, the riffage is tight and rhythmic, but across several listens i found myself a little tired and distant from the songs. Whats on offer is great, but there is not enough variety and progression to keep me engaged. You could argue this repetition was a key part of their sound in the past, but on this album it doesn't work for me. Its a great album, they certainly has a reason to get back together and make new material, but I can't find myself as immersed as with there previous works.

Favorite Songs: Shut Me Down, Life Giver Life Taker, Towers Of Emptiness
Rating: 5/10