Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rollins Band "The End Of Silence" (1992)

This is more than music, this is therapy for those who didn't know they needed it... Rollins Band is the group of Henry Rollins, former front man of legendary Hardcore group Black Flag, and this, their third album, was an unforeseen break through to the mainstream earning them rotation on MTV during the Alternative era. The End Of Silence is a powerful record, raw and provocative Blues wrapped in a powerful, Hardcore, Metalic aesthetic provides an invigorating, inspirational and emotional listen every single time. This is for lifting to your arms ache, running until your knees shake. This is about dealing with it all.

If you are familiar with Rollins, then it will be no surprise the subject matter of these songs are heavy, emotional, introspective experiences as Rollings puts himself under the microscope with brutal honesty. The pains of life and death are embraced wholly here as Rollins dives into his personal torments. His voice is phenomenal, lets make one thing clear, Rollins can barely sing a note, but his scream, his shout, his energy he forces out is monolithic. Here is a man bearing all, giving everything hes got. Both live and on this record, hearing Rollins preform is overwhelming, its as if there isn't a drop of energy left in his body to give. His scream on Just Like You, "My body is scared by age, now you get to taste my rage", Gives me goosebumps every time. Rollins is a blues singer, working out his issues through the music. His honesty has taught me that there is no shame in pain, and you must deal with it to grow.

The three that make up the instrumentals have a charismatic chemistry that provides the perfect soundtrack to Rollins's intense vocal presence on these tracks. Weiss's bass pounds and grooves in unison with the rhythm section, with a fuzzy, raw sound that can provide a memorable and impressive lead (What Do You Do). Cain's drumming is dynamic and versatile, bringing rocking grooves and maintaining intensity and rythmic groove during the slower bluesy parts. Haskett's guitar approach is an integral part of the bands sound, with his charismatic licks and leads, Haskett has forged a bluesy lead sound so unique and unmistakable. It edges between Blues, Hardcore Punk and Metal, but ultimately is its own sound and brings a real emotional connection with Rollins output. This album is 72 minutes of hard hitting, emotional, intense music that digs deep in the mind. "Life wont break your heart, It will crush it".

Favorite Tracks - Low Self Opinion, You Didn't Need, What Do You Do, Another Life, Just Like You.
Rating: 9/10