Sunday, 19 October 2014

Jotun "Jotun" (2012)

Having previously written about Crow's Lord Lovidicus album "Kyndill Og Steinn" it felt fitting to talk about another project of his, Jotun. I've had a unique experience of having another artists work attached my videos, "Sailing Clouds Of Night" being the intro to my Hermitcraft series it is a testament to Crow's musical genius when viewers cry out for the intro music when i have forgotten to include it. It has also been the soundtrack to many time lapses. Its fantastic music that fits well into the Minecraft universe, but it holds it own, this music is a pleasure to enjoy whatever the environment is.

From its inception Jotun has been complete package, a music concept that fully understands itself. It blurs the lines of definition, but a fair comparison would be to 8-bit FM synthesis from old consoles like the NES with chirpy synth sounds and a focus on the melodic content. With a modernized, crisp and tuneful sound set, Crow brings his musical ideas to life through a pallet of electronic oscillators, pianos and other simulated sounds layered together with substance to make lasting and meaningful songs. Through the nine tracks many musical ideas and themes are explored, on later albums Crow continues the exploration of themes, but from this first record the concept is perfect.

From start to end this record delivers fluent compositions with each song having several melodic leads that pull in and out of focus and on many songs layering on top of one another. This is one of Joton's biggest strengths, to build several memorable tunes and find the cohesion to bring them together in the same instance. The notation is varied and progressive and not shy of turning up the pace with some charging solo leads that grab your attention and leave you in we. Underneath the leads that steal the show there is a matured rhythmic presence with a lite pallet of drums adding a subtle element of groove to tracks. The bass and lower end synths are structured and hold the songs together well behind the leading presence in these songs. Everything this record offers is on point and fantastic. Theres not a dull moment, the only downside is maybe the album length, at just under 30 minutes it always leaves me wanting more, but that in itself maybe the charm.

Favorite Songs: A Quest, Sailing Clouds Of Night
Rating 8/10