Monday, 27 October 2014

LTJ Bukem "Logical Progression Level 1" (1996)

The world of Drum N Bass is one I am not too familiar with, however I am always keen to listen and explore this genre which is an important part of England's musical Heritage. DnB emerged in the early 90s alongside Trip Hop, Jungle & Breakbeat music from the southern parts of the UK where the Rave scene had hit and Electronic music was flourishing. The principle of DnB is in the name, high tempo break beat loops and loud baselines at the forefront of the music, this leaves a lot of room for diversity in style and mood. Following a recommendation from a friend I picked up this lengthy double album which I revisited today.

 This record explores the moodier, ambient side of what is possible. High tempo break loops contrast dreamy, melodic instrumentals, creating a unique energy where the intensity of fast, pulsating loops is fused into loungey, gentle instrumentals that have an almost Jazz Hop feel to them in moments. This transference of energy and bipolar nature is charming and very characteristic of this record which i do believe LTJ Bukem acts as a DJ mixing together his own tracks with others. Even though there is an array of musicians involved the album flows seamlessly from start to end.

The production is class, crisp clean drum loops have room to breath on top of deep moving baselines that groove gently in their own world underneath this bipolar relation between samples and loops. The calming nature of these songs and the high intensity of the break beats give this record room to fit for many moods and overall it feels like a classic record, however my ears are not as experienced in this line of music. On a note, the song "Pharaoh" is "Rings Around Saturn" from Photeks "Form & Function" released 2 years later. Bit of a mystery to me, but DnB is a place where the album is not the primary release format. Great album, loved all 2 hours of it.

Favorite Tracks: Links, Bringing Me Down, Horizons, Pharaoh
Rating: 7/10