Sunday, 24 April 2016

Eternal Lord "Demo" (2007)

This two track demo is the turning point for the Deathcore five-piece band, Eternal Lord, who released a stunning debut EP, both unique in character and crushingly heavy, its been a gem to me for years. I decided to follow up on the rest of their discography which consists of this demo and an album which was so disappointing on first listen I never gave it a chance. With Rickett out in favor of Edward Butcher on vocals the band make a big stylistic shift for the worse. Butcher's vocals aren't half bad or even the problem, the group seemed to have shifted away from their once distinct breed of Deathcore to a generic, unexciting and atypical sound for the scene which is simply tiring and dated.

This two track demo is studio quality however its a total chug fest of palm muted open string riffs and generic breakdowns which pass through one ear and out the other. There is practically nothing more for me to say, its not terrible, or unlistenable but if you were to write the key characteristics of Deathcore on paper you would get this demo. There is no charm, unique flavor or twist in sight, its bog standered and boring. Perhaps their is an echo of their style in the occasional metal core riff and drumming break but they are smothered by the generic flood of mediocrity.

Rating: 2/10