Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stelladrone "Light Years" (2013)

Ascending from the Baltics, Lithuanian musician Edgaras aka Stelladrone may have one of the best self describing names Ive come across. Stella for interstellar, space and all things beyond the cosmos. Drone for the nature of the music, lush ambient drones of textural synths that lure in the listener to deep cosmic wonder. All of Stelladrones music is available for free, an ethical approach I very much like and "Light Years" is the last release from the artist in three quiet years.

The tone of this record lands right within my expectations of the name. Its on the lighter side of ambience and Its astral drones create rich atmospheres fit for deep thought and reflection. It captures the mystery of our universe in wondrous frame of infinite beauty, we listen in awe of our experience of it. Across the 10 tracks different flavors of equally positive vibes emanate from lush, dimensional synths that sweep and a wash gently by as they move through lengthy phase shifts. They are often accompanied by a chirpy shuffling synth tune that loops itself through the infinite. Half the time some percussive elements join the fold, more often berried into the synths and a few tracks get dense in comparison to others with multiple synth tones stacking up alongside the drums.

Each track is its own but in the grander scheme the record doesn't surpass its own moment. There is nothing to fault but the soothing, slow and droning nature of the music has it molding your mood but not your memory. As enjoyable as each listen is, not to much about it sticks around. The drones are singular and uneventful, fantastic for focusing on another task. It succeeds as background music but in the foreground is simply pleasant but doesn't make itself remembered. Solid record with fantastic production, great sounding synths for calming compositions.

Favorite Tracks: Red Giant, Light Years
Rating: 6/10

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  1. Oh man I love this one. Well-described. It does indeed have some beautiful sweepy synths and a rich atmosphere. I really like "Airglow" personally.