Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Snoop Dogg "Coolaid" (2016)

As he states it in the opening track, Snoop Dogg's a living legend and "Coolaid" is the fourteenth record from the American superstar who solidified his name in the history of music with his iconic debut "Doggystyle" back in 93. He has never manage to reach that peak again but has remained in the limelight ever since, appearing at all sorts of cultural events and consistently releasing records every couple of years. Personally I haven't been particularly impressed with his output since 93 but every record has a few decent songs and "Coolaid" is a slick, smooth record with easy going, polished beats and steady, lush instrumentals. Snoops flow is as smooth and stylish as ever, however a lack of lyrical substance weighs down the mood as Snoop flips the same themes over. At seventy seven minutes the slick hooks and catchy versus get lost between a lot of fluff and mediocrity from Snoop. He focuses much of his words on status, image and general braggadocios themes which get tiring. Snoop has often been about his unique style and persona on the mic but when the rhymes are half baked it can fall flat.

Snoop's production choices are a little varied across the record with modernized beats intermingling with G-Funk and synthesizer instruments. It flows well, hits a high point with the summery oldskool "Oh Na Na" and a low with "My Carz" where Snoop raps over Gary Numan's classic track "Cars". It lacks charm or chemistry, the two styles feel opposed to one another. Then "Two Or More" comes in, another highlight culminating with some breezy jives and Disco like funk. The synths on this track are gorgeous and chorus really sells the track. Its a moment where Snoop and the beats are their best and for the most part you don't quite get both together. That's just how it sounded to my ears, a well produced record that's easy to enjoy but it lacks the trim to put the best moments together in a shorter run time.

Favorite Tracks: Oh Na Na, Two Or More, Kush Ups
Rating: 4/10


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