Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Birocratic "BiroMakesABeet" (2015)

Back with an appetizer, a whiff of a record that clocks in at just under 10 minutes, Biro teases us with four of his finest beats to date. The charming Jazz Hop vibes flow in a stride of creativity and inspiration as Biro lets these beats swoon and groove in their moment, capitalizing on an excellent selection of samples and intertwining them with plenty of additional instruments to guide the songs through a few progressions that drown out a common sense of repetition. Gone are the trademark vocal cuts and missed they are not, where once the Nujabes similarities took hold there is now a great sense of individual style shining though the chemistry of lush whirly synths and jazzy piano driven samples.

With some great baselines and drum routines there is a strong undercurrent of jive and groove to move to under a dazzling array of jazzy, dreamy music. These songs are short in stature but maybe that's their strength? Biro has reinforced his loops with a pallet of instruments to keep the songs growing and evolving, but maybe it works so well because its in the shorter context. Either way its got charm, soul and is one of the best 10 minute records I've ever heard, although that's not many to compete with its got me hyped for what I hope will be a full-length release in the future.

Favorite Track: Next Stop
Rating: 5/10


  1. I am surprised to see that you are such a music fan, and that you know so much of A) the terminology and B) the actual parts of the song and why it is such a great album!

    1. if you reverse xisuma makes a-musix and if you replace x witch c and take off a makes music :D he actually has mention it himself in several videos ;)