Monday, 14 November 2016

Kate Tempest "Let Them Eat Chaos" (2016)

Kate Tempest's debut record "Everybody Down" was a refreshing take on Hip Hop music, a blend of Rap, Spoken Word and poetry readings with character arcs that develop across the record as we follow a group of young adults and their struggles in day to day life. "Let Them Eat Chaos" is the follow up which repeats a similar formula, both lyrically and with a similar set of instrumentals, fortunately its for the better. With a refined approach Kate's overarching story shines brighter than before having a little more potency for social awareness and commentary, providing observations and food for thought which culminates with an "epiphany" on the records final track "Tunnel Vision" as the characters struggles related and transcend into global issues with world events and humanities direction facing crisis.

Revolving around seven separated characters from a block of flats, Kate investigates their lives and mindsets which have fallen into the common traps our urbanized society creates for individuals. In between observations Kate jumps into first person, giving us a direct train of thought from some of the characters shes follows. In sync with the instrumentals, Kate's tales drift between quirky, dystopian commentary and deeply moody, serious vibes as she introduces characters and their inner workings through monologue and dialog. It stirs an ever changing landscape as the album continually shifts gears as we drift from one person to the next. Kate creates a rather unbiased portrait of her imaginary characters, however the earnest in her tone creates quite the sympathetic air for her troubled people.

The instrumentals are very similar , "Grubby" even reuses some identical synth sounds. Despite similarity these beats are better built for purpose. Following Kate's direction they often have build up and a better sense of theme rather than jumping straight into the core loop. With this evolution the albums vision is strengthened and Its melodies and sounds within the instrumentals are easier to digest. I appreciated the odd ball nature of the previous effort but "Let Them Eat Chaos" tones down the oddities for a more thematic progression alongside Kate's moving tale following her seven souls. Listening back to her debut Its clear a big step forward.

Favorite Tracks: Ketamine For Breakfest, Pictures On A Screen, Tunnel Vision
Rating: 8/10


  1. Very interesting music! Definitely worth listening to more than once. Thanks ishwemi

  2. for some reason i wasn't vibing with the instrumentals on this record as much as Everybody Down. This record is still definitely solid, in fact, i would probably rate it the same as you have here for the same reasons, but i just feel like the production wasn't as colorful as everybody down, they were a little more lackluster. But what i did like about this record more than Everybody Down was that you could tell Kate was approaching hip hop from a spoken word standpoint, like it was super obvious that was her background. really shone through on this record