Monday, 27 February 2017

Hellmouth "Oblivion" (2017)

With fire and flames "Oblivion" burns through its sixteen tracks in a frenzy of anger, rage and fury. Clocking in at thirty three minutes its a relentless pummeling that only lets up in moments of atmospheric Post-Metal guitar noise that is a welcome twist to a primarily Crossover sound. Being the Detroit bands first record in over seven years, it doesn't sound like a big stylistic leap is at work but between sticking to their full throttle, high octane guns. Their sound inches into new territory in several moments littered through the track listing. With slower Post-Metal moments and tinges of Black Metal, Post-Punk and Groove Metal licks there are brief instances of creativity and imagination that trumps the unfiltered violence of their rage educed thrashing.

Motivated by humane, religious and political corruption themes the album plays like a constant thunder of urgent alarm. Its production is intense, monstrous guitar tones clamor into the forefront, accompanied by the powerful, brutal drum kit that thunders away as lots of noisy dissonance melds into the unleashed musical force. Singer Jay Navarro leads the charge with an alarming scream that although may not be the most welcoming of textures has a ton of passion and anger coming through furious shouts.

In the bands core identity lies a rather predictable approach to Crossover brutality. In some moments it hits hard but in others it feels as if the uncontrollable aesthetic tone just isn't quite as exciting as the energy it puts forth. Its in the slower moments where atmosphere and craft emerge from the routine trashing that more excitable music is found. Unfortunately the elasticity between the two didn't spark anything special and it played out like a routine stretch of brutality with bits of life briefly sprinkled in. Hellmouth have a great aesthetic but for me its most pleasing within the creative and atmospheric moments rather than the constant barrage of hate the band aim to assault you with.

Favorite Tracks: Welcome To The Undertow, Blood Free, Dementia From The Void, Coliseum Oblivio, Pathetic Bullshit
Rating: 5/10


  1. What do you use for music listening? I myself mostly use Google Play Music, but whatever I can't find on there I get from Bandcamp. It's convenient because all your digital copies of music show up in your GPM library.

    Also, where and how do you find new music? I am subscribed to the metal subreddit because they keep me up to date with the latest and greatest in metal.

    1. I use Winamp :-) I listen to my followers and a few music vloggers for new stuff however i mostly use muspy to learn about new releases from the bands i follow :-)