Sunday, 7 May 2017

Oranssi Pazuzu "Kevät Värimyrsky" (2017)

After being blown away by the Finnish Psychedelic Post-Black Metal band's 2016 release "Värähtelijä", I was excited to hear talk of a new album, however this release is just a two track EP. The new record is out but released in the same month is this sixteen minutes affair to wet the apatite for whats to come. Its first track "Kevät" is a slowly and dreary wander through the foggy moonlight fields of desolation as a bleak atmosphere is cast by sombre acoustic guitars over distant hazy distortions. It progresses with an increasing unnerving as a slow gargling vocal taunts cryptic words, leading us into monstrous layers of dense rumbling guitar distortions. Sinister strings hide between the smothering sound it breaks apart as easy as it came, a creepy and morbid song with no charm for simple melodies, it is a grave soundscape of despair.

Starting with a singular, tonal distortion guitar and steady baseline "Värimyrsky" starts as another barren and desolate atmospheric piece. As it steadily groans a brief pause leads into a dramatic eruption as brooding tom drum fills lead us into a riff roaring whirl of metallic darkness. Twisted howls call out and before long the song breaks for respite as the vocal and distortion guitars drop out for a serine acoustic guitar to play out over a lively baseline and mystic organ like synths. With a guitar solo it lurches back towards the darkness and the song goes through several shifts, ever climaxing on its variations before breaking to a more enigmatic ending as a sense of glory and wonder emanates on the final moments of the song. Two excellent, crafted tracks. If these are outtakes from the full length then we are in for a big treat.

Rating: 4/10


  1. I have to say I'm a little puzzled by the mediocre rating you've given it. Seems a bit at odds with the praise of your review. I'm looking forward to your opinion on their full length "Muukalainen puhuu".

    Incidentally, I'm gonna see Oranssi Pazuzu live in... about 4 hours from now ;)

    1. Dude, if you hadn't had a chance to catch them live, make sure you do next time around. That was a mighty impressive show they put on! Those Post Metal acts tend to be a bit so-and-so live in my experience but Oranssi was certainly well worth it. It's pure magic what those guys can do with a few dozen effect pedals ;)

  2. Under the Sign of the Black Mark turns thirty in just a few days! And Scream Bloody Gore turns 30 on the 25th. Do you have any celebratory blog posts for those two in mind?