Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Code "Resplendent Grotesque" (2009)

Continuing my foray into a variety of Black Metal records we have another British record, Resplendent Grotesque, which is Surrey based Code's sophomore record. It initially did and still doesn't feel like anything personally special to me, however with repeated listens it becomes apparent just how much vocalist Kvohst's voice dominates the tone, giving the grotesque something unique, a chemistry to call its own. Armed with an arsenal of chord arrangements, guitarist Aort also brings a defined and different sound. With shrill, intense guitar tones he pushes a continually disenchanting smothering of discordance resonating from intricately plucked strings interchanging with chord shredding that is constantly scaling itself.

It mostly seems akin to a Post-Black Metal sound, yet rather then being atmospheric and absorbing, the record feels like a hell ride of discomfort and torment. Kvohst's estranged afflictions mingling within a powerful, burly yet higher ranged clean vocal add a very humanistic and suffering tone to an otherwise demonic and monstrous record. The light never seeps in, just a continual haze of fiery, unforgiving grimace. When some respite is offered, it is unsurprisingly gloomy and downtrodden. Only Kvohst's voice offers any sympathy to the darkness we endure on this adventure. It has been enjoyable, nothing seemed to resonate that much so I am left wondering if some absence will let the shape of this record click into place as one can appreciate what another would find genius about it.

Favorite Tracks: Smother The Crones, Possession Is The Medicine, Jesus Fever
Rating: 6/10