Friday, 6 February 2015

Fen "Carrion Skies" (2014)

Fen are back! With another record, for which as long as they exist, I will be interested in hearing. As I touched on in my blog of their previous album "Dustwalker", Fen are a group from England who's sound captivated me on their first album, but have since failed to spark a magic I believe they have within them. I walked away from Dustwalker with mixed feelings, their gorgeous sound of dark melodics, naturist beauty glazed in ethereal shoegazing is the perfect setting for wondrous, captivating music, but never a melody sticks in my mind or does their music leave me with something eternally lasting. Its always a rich, absorbing listen, but is momentary within the music. It's selfish, but I want something more from this band.

Every listen of "Carrion Skies" was a positive one, relaxing and naturist, it was exactly what I expected from them, but as I've already touched on, it feels like it could be something more. The band cruise through progressive epics that mostly last ten or more minutes, winding their way from riff to riff, through passages of melodics and inspiring ethereal indulgence, that often accelerates into traveling energy of blast beats, tremolo picking and rough, beastly screams, utilizing many traditional Black Metal and Post-Rock approaches in their own way. Its not until the track "Sentinels" that my ears perk up to a hazy melodic riff coarsing under dreamy vocals crying out "The sky is a sphere". Its a moment that stuck with me, but a lone one through sixty minutes of music id say is "doing everything right", but somehow doesn't.

There are many varying degrees of enjoyment with music, and to be analytical about it prompts many questions about the listener, the music, and what it all means. With an intrinsic imagination for music I can hear beyond the aesthetics, I hear the notes, the rhythms, in any form, but the artists expression is always the mystery to divulge. With Fen I feel their genius is one I hear, but perhaps I don't quite connect with it. Always enjoyable to listen to, but always leaves me feeling like something is missing. Whatever it is, I am clueless.

Favorite Song: Sentinels
Rating: 5/10