Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Knife "Deep Cuts" (2003)

Having adored Fever Ray's only release "Fever Ray", I sought out more music from Andersson who is one half of Swedish duo "The Knife" who sound a different breed to Fever Rays inducing Art-Pop experience. Deep Cuts initially came of as a quirky, retro electro record that wouldn't be to my liking. But first impressions are simply that, impressions, and deciding to pursue this record was the right choice. Upon several listens this album really started to click and my initial dislike of the bold buzz-saw synthesizer and dense buzzing bass subsided as the chemistry between theme and execution started to make sense, and the songs started to reveal there charm. Its since become a favorite of mine in recent weeks, serving as an upbeat, warm and fun record that breaks up the moreso morose music I usually find myself drawn too.

My context of this album in relation to the electronic scene is basically non-existent. I was a little surprised getting ready to write this blog that the album came out in 2003. I'm not sure how but I had it stuck in my mind this was a recent release, but considering its over 10 years old, it seems relevant to point out this record sounds fantastic and I can picture the music itself being of influence to others at this time, however this is speculation and beyond my comprehension. So onto the album, its an energetic listening experience, one which does not repeat itself, and with a measured pallet of sounds explores an array of moods and ideas which range from obnoxious pumping dance, to gentle, ambient strollers. Each track presents and sticks to an idea within its shorter duration, 3-4 minutes, each song delivering catchy leads and hooks its fails to slow down as the album continually moves from strength to strength.

The chirpy, buzzing synthesizers carve the character of this record, but behind their bold intrusive sound lies great composition, creating poppy, layered, simplistic melodies that shift and swap between one another, allowing the focus to shift effortlessly between instruments. The drum pallet its typically dance with the rolling bass kicks, snaps and claps, and also a pleasant of occasional inclusion of tropical steel drums. In front of it all Andersson's off kilt and eccentric vocal performances act like the fusion point between the instrumentation and their ideas. Her leads shift with the songs, delivering the higher rangers with the dance songs and, low artsy readings with the slower tempo tracks, and the unusual use of electronic voice morphing on tracks like "The Cop" is another nice touch in a collection of expressive and artsy performances. The record's production is solid, not a bad word to say about it. Great record.

Favorite Tracks: Girls Night Out, Pass This On, The Cop, You Take My Breath Away, You Make Me Like Charity
Rating: 7/10

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  1. Can you please post about Kaiser Chiefs? I'm interested to see what you think of them. Thnx btw for this blog, I listen to alot of bands because of you now. :)