Saturday, 20 June 2015

Fractal "Luminate" (2013)

Consisting of just three tracks, this short EP from Baltimore based DJ "Fractal" serves as chilled yet energetic amalgamation of styles that pulls from House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Ethereal through a dreamy ambient overtone. The tracks "Breath" and "Same Side" have a fluid, dynamic flow, sharing a comparable pallet of airy vocal leads, bright Ethereal synths and a warm robust bass that glues the Dub like snare and kick into the fold. The two share similar leads and melodies, but "Breath" steals the show with its progression and climax to an almighty moment that conveys a stunning, beautiful lead vocal that conjoins with a surreal wave of oozing Ethereal synth and pounding energy from the bass and drums that leaves one feeling unsure if they want to dance or lay down.

The records production has its instruments tightly packed together and competing for volume in a compression heavy mix that is becoming rather commonplace in post-Dubstep electronic music. Its well executed on this record and has the kicks and leads punching through the dreamy wall of synth effectively. The first track "Luminate" is a great example, a song littered with samples, noises and glittery leads that continually pound through the bass lines backing. Its a tight composition of numbers that ends before it gets going and the disappointment, as often with EPs, is the length, a lack of substance, however that can't fault the songs here which are charactered and immersible.

Favorite Track: Breath
Rating: 3/10

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