Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lord Lovidicus "Book Of Lore Volume I" (2015)

A new Lord Lovidicus record is always an excitement, but with most of the post-2012 releases I find myself at a loss to assess what it is this album does for me. Following the current path of progression "Book Of Lore Volume I" expands with more lush folklore inspired tales and melodies that reside in the imagination for a nostalgia that blurs the lines of history and mythology, creating cultural music of vivid immersion. The book of lore is no exception but it no longer has the surprise or wonder the project once had. These qualities were what drew me to LL in its Dungeon Synth days, and now the magic is a familiarity.

The record side steps from 2014s "Wandervogel Des Waldes", dropping some of the eerie, dungeon-esq qualities for a purer, clearer arrangements that captures the brighter sides of these fantasy worlds visited through the music. The percussive elements adapt culturally with a spirited tambourine guiding Bongo-esq hand drums and atmospheric gong hits which provide a strong back bone for carefully crafted strings and leads amassing to clear, direct and vivid soundscapes that stroll through their own moments in time. "Mines Of Nargothrond" came as a pleasant surprise, a re-imagining "Mines Of Moria" in this new pallet, but it lacked the charm of the original.

The album wanders through track after track of bright vibrance that feels animated and colorful, yet the familiarity separates it from the impact it once had. There are many moments for charming leads to take hold and indulge the listener but for me its a drop in an ocean of music I feel well versed in. Its hard for me to like the same thing over and over, I like music to be adventurous and challenging and this is anything but. I still enjoy this record, it does no harm, but its become all to familiar to make any lasting mark on me.

 Favorite Track: Telperion And Laurelin
Rating: 5/10

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  1. Why does this very descriptive "blog" not have any comments? Who knows, i enjoy this song aswell but not that much, like you said in the description, Keep the good work up X. ;-)