Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Diabetic Sandwich "MunchieZ" (2015)

This short three track record is a collaborative effort between four producers from across the globe, uniting under the moniker "The Diabetic Sandwich" to create Hip Hop instrumentals with a broad range of influences from Trap to Jazz Hop and a general Alternative vibe. The group is yet to define itself beyond its stark graphical output of cut n paste photoshop, neon colors and colossal hamburgers. The debut release a short one leaving much to be desired.

"Merlot" feels like the records only fully developed track at just under four minutes. Jazzy pianos, wordless vocal leads and subtle guitars collide with airy, alien synths, Trap hi hats and deep kicks in an unusual chemistry of oddity that displays a charm. The production is a little forceful, pushing the airy synths into the compound samples it feels a little clustered but the ears do adjust. The song moves through a structure fit for verse and chorus and could really be elevated by the presence of a rapper.

"Meatsticks" has a calmer, less ambitious tone. At two minutes it has an interlude vibe as a sturdy beat sample guides a gentle strings and a graceful piano to a quiet conclusion. The production is subtle, the samples work well together and apart from some obvious clarity difference, it all works.

"Cheese Whizzz" is the records most unusal number, throwing layers of lush sound subtleties into the beat with laser firing and explosion sound effects. The drum beat is a little dry and crispy, and there isn't much of a lead sample, just lush airy noises drifting around the beat that doesn't progress anywhere in particular. At 99 seconds it feels like an unfinished beat.

Rating: 2/10