Monday, 5 February 2018

Brockhampton "Saturation II" (2017)

The second of three released in 2017, Saturation II is unsurprisingly very much in the same vein as its predecessor. Hip Hop collective Brockhampton from Texas hastily put together this record just a couple months after their last and in terms of production you wouldn't of guessed it. Sixteen tracks of tight hitting quirky beats and banging grooves make for a lively, energetic album that's mostly a ton of fun, with a sprinkling of illuminated instruments like "Sunny" that leaps to your attention with its glorious, luscious acoustic guitar conjuring soothing vibes counterpart to the hyped energy on the microphone.

Lyrically the large assembly of voices and styles fall wayside in patches as the commonplace cursing and excessive braggadocio dominate the premise of the groups weaker rappers. Much like the last record the album frequently drifts into streams of forgettable nonsense but luckily the gifted few wage in with substance. The track "Junky" is a milestone in terms of topics in Hip Hop, one of the group being openly gay and questioning how homophobic rappers can be. In the same track the topic turns to another progressive train of thought, questioning another trouble of the genre, misogyny, and males attitudes towards women when rhyming on the mic without a filter.

There is a lot of creativity flowing from this group. Their passion, excitement and youthful resilience leads to a freedom unleashed in fruitful ideas, not always hitting the mark but there are great hooks, rhymes and compositions that ooze with fun. Moving forward an ear for filter would suit them well, cutting out the weaker raps, rhymes and dimes this forty eight minutes could of been a killer thirty as it is a little bloated in places but certainly a big step forward from their first endeavor.

Rating: 7/10
Favorite Tracks: Queer, Jello, Junky, Fight, Sweet, Sunny, Summer