Thursday, 22 February 2018

Brockhampton "Saturation III" (2017)

This third chapter in Brockhampton's hasty trilogy has been the least exciting of the three. Its another thick jam of voices with a variety of beats showing little if any overarching themes or concepts to hold the songs together. The return of Spanish spoken interludes and serine singing over gleaming acoustic guitars on "Team" affirms some consistency in approach but with frequent listens I find myself unable to be sucked into their world, or whatever it is critics are raving about. For me, the lyrical substance falls short of making itself known and clever rhymes and keen ideas fall flat without a punch of meaning behind the rap facade, it comes across as a cluster of ideas.

The record does however kick of with a banging tune, "Boogie" is a wonderfully energetic song with a lot of hype and animation about it. It edges being noisy and slightly chaotic yet I could totally envision heating it on the radio. Its "wow wow" siren goes on and on yet never gets irritating! Everyone jumping on the mic has a lot of energy however I feel like the beat carries a lot of mediocre lines on this track and again for most of the record. That's about all I have to say, its made the least impression on me out of the three, Ill be curious to see whats next but I'm not really feeling where its currently at.

Favorite Tracks: Boogie, Team
Rating: 5/10