Saturday, 27 July 2019

Queen "News Of The World" (1977)

It may be home to two of Queen's defining Arena Rock anthems known the world over but News Of The World is a haphazard record of eclectic directions lacking any cohesion. On their own these songs ain't so bad but they tend to fumble over one another. After opening anthems We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, the rest of the run time seems stitched on with nothing resembling the amped up, cheer along style of these two numbers. Named after Sheer Heart Attack, track three blares into Punk influenced guitar tones thrashing at a monotone Industrial pacing. It deploys some rather bizarre feedback noise towards the end and the whole production sounds rather uninspired. Not a bad song but its coloring is drab. The record as a whole feels a step backwards.

From here the energy dissipates as ballads lull the flow and switch gears. Fight From The Inside makes it mark with Roger Taylor putting his stamp on the vocals. In general the tracks keep shifting in tone and the mediocrity of these songs has the bands diversity feel at odds with itself. It hits a low with Who Needs You. Exotic Spanish guitar makes for a sunny sandy song that lays its intentions bare. Its wildly out of place and lacks any subtly as even the percussion shakes it up with Maracas. You'd expect it to become something more that a simple mirroring of worldly musics.

Without fluidity and subtlety these lesser inspired songs just drift all over the place. They may be well written songs but the strands of these musicians influences tend to imitate rather than birth something new. Even the more typically Queen and theatrical songs lack the spark heard before. Freddie's voice may be a charm throughout but with Brian May being quiet on his guitar its lacking. I suspect with two smash songs under their belt the label may of pressured the group into releasing what feels like a set of B-Sides to bolster a record to sell alongside these cultural anthems.

Favorite Tracks: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions
Rating: 5/10

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