Monday, 20 April 2020

Myrkur "Folkesange" (2020)

Stripping out all Black Metal elements and purifying her Nordic folk inspiration, singer and multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun has forged a stunning, timely slice of naturalist music, devoid of an all to common "nostalgia". It feels present, spiritual and deeply rooted in tradition. This folk music conjures images of a simpler life, immersed in mother natures beautiful found among the fjords. It does so with a blissful clarity and heart that has each musical piece feeling as far from our modern world as could be. I've always been fond of folk elements but this has flawed me, It might be the most authentic experience Ive had in sometime, its a truly transformational experience.

A fine line is tread between simplicity and purpose as a masterful production captures Amalie's serine and soft voice and accompanying instruments in a gorgeous ambience of natural echo and reverberation. Its touch lets gentle and minimal melodies soak up their potential in atmosphere, resulting in a cold and pure indulgence for our imaginations. The array of obscure instruments, by modern standards, the nyckelharpa, lyre and mandala enrich this ancestral experience with a deep connection to traditions. A skeletal approach to percussion too carries this feeling forward with most songs receiving a measured muster of momentum from the power of one simple lone and deep drum striking with spacious intent.

The songs have varying retirements swaying from the dark to light and despite being rather different in these moods, all land a stark sense of connection. Her Nordic tounge is mesmerizing in its ambiguity, a beautiful voice with feeling felt beyond verbal comprehension. It makes the song House Carpenter perk up with English lyrics talking of Tennessee, a cover of a Joan Baez song. She brings a light to this unknown gem and the closing song Vinter, with its seasonal snowy piano too has an uncanny feeling of similarity. It is the most beautiful song on the whole project with its soft and gentle approach and stands aside from the folk narrative. Strangely it makes me think of the redemptive scene in Home Alone with the caretaker. Beautiful record, simply wonderful.

Favorite Tracks: Frager Som En Ros, Reiar, Gudernes Vilje, Vinter
Rating: 9/10