Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dusted "When We Were Young" (2001)

Dusted is an English duo consisting of producers Mark Bates and Rollo Armstrong of Faithless. I was turned onto this, their debut record, by a friend and was originally under the impression this was a soundtrack, due to a movie of the same name. I now know that its unrelated but this record actually played out like a soundtrack with many slow, chilled out, carefully crafted numbers that can shift moods and grow into big moments. It all came together like the setting for a tale to unravel and if anything, is the soundtrack to imagination and the power of music that is of the craft and subtitles this record posses in great quantity.

The opening track here sets a bright and warm tone for a record that in its chilled out nature will invoke good vibes and set a pleasant atmosphere of positivity and relaxation. With a traveling baseline groove and plucked melodic guitar strings the gentle, downtempo drum loops guide us into a warmth of sweeping strings and random electronic noises as the pace thickens like a rising sun, its rays of warm light arriving for the first time. With a memorable start the record it makes no strives to pick up the pace or jump into anything advantagous as it strolls through track after track, delivering chilled out, relaxed numbers that each deliver their own moment in between lush orchestration of layered sounds. Theres plenty of variety beyond the soothing electronics and steady drums, "Time Takes Time" introduces some graceful lead vocals and "Always Remember To Respect Your Mother" builds around stunning youthful choir leads that inspire greatly.

The album shifts gears with "The Biggest Fool In The World" as the tempo perks up with a big clap in the loop for a grooving moment in an otherwise chilled out record. As things progress we dive deeper into the Dusted world, continually exploring new territory with each step before climaxing with a dazzling piano number that ends the record with a lasting impression as the pianos descend into a wall of reverb. Overall its a breezy, carefree ride through chilled out music of craft and design, a concept played out brilliantly that unravels like the soundtrack to your imagination and inspiration.

Favorite Tracks: Childhood, Always Remember To Respect Your Mother, Oh How Sweet, Under The Sun
Rating: 7/10