Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I Built The Sky "Intortus" (2014)

Australian guitarist and one man band "I Built The Sky" dropped this EP, his second release, in early 2014. After enjoying his debut self titled it was mandatory to seek out more of this talented musician. Intortus is a short record extended with a few demo versions and remixes of the title track. Of the seven or so tracks that make up the main bulk of the listen there are a few ideas at work here which collide with one another from track to track. Its an inconsistent listen, but overall a positive one that certainly would of not lived up to a full length with the contrasting ideas and incomplete package. A couple of tracks had no conclusive progressions and fade outs that give an unfinished feel as well.

The record opens up with "Fibratus", an exotic introductory track with xylophones and soft pianos keys that loop as Djenty drumming builds up some atmosphere alongside dramatic piano chords and growing instrumentation. Its a unique track thats pallet of instruments disguises the instrumentations direction, if played on the guitar I'm sure it would sound like a regular track, but the change was warm and a highlight. The next four tracks play out the heavier and lighter side of his sound in an aesthetically pleasing, yet musically unremarkable way as each track works through a singular idea with expanding riffage that never strays far from the original idea before fading out. The record then takes a dark turn as "Undulatus" dives into dense Djent tones and pure polyrhythmic force as chugging riffs power into a massive break riff with alien hammer ons upping the anti in the background. Its followed up with some ripe string slides in between the heavy chugging that sound like laser bursts. Great track.

Between a couple of good tracks their is some pleasant filler thats nowhere on par with the debut record. A lack of consistency or direction really held this one back from amounting to something. With a couple of memorable tracks to cherry pick it has something to offer, but little as a complete entity.

Favorite Tracks: Fibaratus, Undulatus, Intortus
Rating: 4/10