Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Faces Of Eve "The Story So Far" (2015)

"The Story So Far" is an enjoyable debut EP from UK based "Faces of Eve" who appear to be a duo, however a lack of information is available on this group. The record opens up with lush, glorious reverb soaked acoustic guitar tune that glistens melodically in its ambiance. We are first introduced to the vocals, which will remain a polarizing aesthetic throughout the record. Light, soft and soulful they cruise effortlessly through the upper voice ranges with an immaculate delivery. A chunky Djent guitar creeps in from the background and leads the song to its conclusive moment as a bold, colossal grove drops in with the drums. It quickly impressions a feeling between Metalcore, Djent and Groove that would be solidified with the rest of the record.

"Feed" and the rest of the tracks on the EP follow this style with a relative sense of comfort and familiarity, with songs that play out commonplace Metal riffs with a fair amount of flexibility to throw some interesting ideas in on occasion. The vocals serve as the edge to define their sound, rising above the contrasting, crunchy heavies and layering a soft melodic soul above the grooves. At first its a harsh contrast, but with each listen it grows and grows, and in some moments sounds exceptional as the vocal range soars high on "Crime Of Passion" with the guitars ringing out some moody chords underneath. Theres a lot more chemistry in these moments, but overall its an enjoyable and unusual approach to Metal vocals that comes as a breath of fresh air.

Production wise the record sounds strong, it can get a little clustered in the low end with the Djents and slamming base which has a really chunky tone that sounds fantastic in the rare moments the guitars drop out. Drum machines are so commonplace with Djent ill assume they are used here, and they sound good throughout, all though their are some very harsh, mechanical rolls and fills on "Temporal Rotunda" which are a dead giveaway. Very enjoyable EP that shows great promise for a band who I think are yet to find the best of their chemistry.

Favorite Songs: For My Fallen Heros, One Man Show, Dwellers
Rating: 5/10