Wednesday, 6 January 2016

C418 "148" (2015)

C418 returned late in 2015 with a lengthy, two hour epic record titled "148", the rearrangement of numbers slightly confusing. Initially cited as a "departure" from his traditional sound I found myself at a loss to what this departure was, with a big dose of new sounds and ideas there is certainly a freshness in the air but this record is about as C418 as It gets. Its starts at a strolling pace with a trilogy of down tempo sleepy numbers breezing in with the sentiment of "I don't need you to agree with me" on the opener. It concludes with a gradual climax as airy, dreamy synths grow around his vocals gently musing the lines along "life's illusion" before returning us to a familiar setting on the next song. C418 distinctive melody style and pallet comes into its own here as it does throughout, often shifting between his more traditional sounds and some of the new ideas this album plays with, which often revolves around the beat.

Its not long before the records longest and most delightful track "185" kicks in and sets us on an electronic dream world journey through a continually grooving baseline led dance groove that plays out like a drone. Unusual quirky synths slowly grow and transform alongside the other instruments while the groove hammers on and on in a trance like state. The following "Jimitention" plays around with sleepy lullaby melodies in the beginning before finding its way to a harder groove following the principles of its predecessor, transmuting and morphing around the core.

"Tsuki No Koibumi 2" brings in one of the albums brightest moments with some beautiful, unusual and softly sung vocal lines from Laura Shigihar and her charming foreign language. After "Friend" the record drifts into a string of House tracks that play out in the typical C418 manor, full of slow and sweeping transitions between steady thudding kicks leading the beat and unraveling synths that stealthily change. They are deep and atmospheric, lengthy, spectacular and having an entrancing quality that's calm and relaxed. The track listing gets broken up a little with some different songs, "Divide by four add seven" bringing some bright bells to the forefront to play a soothing melody directly and the remix of "Beta" an energetic transformation of the classic minecraft song.

Its long, lengthy and full of tracks that take their time and surprisingly it holds up across the two hours. Its the kind of album you can dive in and out of and although their is no overall theme or uniting concept it has a lot of continuity and flow. His traditional style is met with some stronger House and Drum n Bass influences but overall its still the same style and charm we are used to from C418, or Daniel. Looking forward to whatever is next.

Favorite Tracks: 185, Jimitention, Tsuki No Koibumi 2, Aria Economy, Divide By Four Add Seven
Rating: 7/10